Peachskin Crepe 60" - Design 04, Floral Tie Dye, Peach (Spring 2022)

$7.00 CAD Canadian Currency /metre
($6.41 CAD/yard)
Peachskin Crepe 60

Minimum order quantity: 1m
Fabric is sold in ¼ metre increments cut continuously from the bolt.

Product Description.

Peachskin AKA Powdertouch Crepe is a double crepe, where both sides have a soft matte almost fuzzy peachskin-like texture. It is a medium-heavy weight crepe fabric and one of the drapiest of all dress fabrics.

Peachskin fabric is a luxurious microfiber fabric that is 100% polyester. This soft, comfortable, casual, suede-like fabric can be used in numerous applications such as apparel, decor, peachskin sheets and more. Soft and vibrantly colored, Peachskin crepe can be used for making shirts, blouses, skirts, dresses, Punjabi women's suits, and more.

Width: 60" (150cm)
Content: 100% Polyester

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