Pre-Order FAQs

Why would I pre-order fabric?

Many fabrics, especially some big-name Quilting Cotton collections, have an extremely limited print run. Once they are gone, they are gone forever!

For certain fabrics we anticipate selling out fast, we will make them available for pre-ordering. Never again miss out on the fabrics you love! By pre-ordering these fabrics, you are guaranteed to receive them as soon as they are released and arrive in our hands. Pre-orders are fulfilled before we make these fabrics available for regular sale online.

Before we launched our Online Store, we would have to wait for them to be released to all fabric stores before we could place our order only to find out there was very little, or none, left to bring in! But no longer!


How will my Pre-Order ship/be ready for Pickup?
All pre-orders “ship complete.” This means that if you have multiple pre-order items on your order, your order will be sent when all the items are available. Please keep this in mind when placing your order, as this may cause additional delays. 

If you are local and select, “Pickup in Store,” the same applies. Once all your items arrive and processed, you will be contacted when your order is ready for pickup.


What if I want to order currently in-stock items at the same time as my Pre-Order?
Since all Pre-Orders ship complete (see above), placing an order for in-stock items at the same time as your Pre-Order means that your order will not be processed until all items are available.

To avoid this, we strongly advise that you place separate orders for in-stock items and pre-order items, so that you may receive the current in-stock items immediately!


When will my Pre-Order ship/be ready for Pickup?

As soon as your pre-ordered fabrics are received at our store, it will be processed immediately. Your order will be shipped complete once all the items in your order are available. We will notify you via email when your is shipped. For local pickup, we will notify you via email when it is ready for pickup.

There are no additional shipping, pickup or reservation fees as you have already pre-paid for your order.


How can I check which Pre-Orders I currently have?

If you have created a Customer Account with us, you can check on any existing Pre-Orders by logging into your Account and clicking on the Order Numbers associated with your Pre-Orders (Order Numbers that say "Unfulfilled") to see the items you have pre-ordered and their expected Release Date.


When do I pay for my Pre-Order?

You pay for your Pre-Order in full at the time of the Pre-Order. Payment up-front ensures that we can guarantee your fabric order reservation.

We do not charge any additional processing or reservation fees for Pre-Orders. If you would like us to ship your order, shipping fees are calculated at time of checkout. Local Pickups are always free.

Can I cancel my Pre-Order?

In a word, Yes. Store credit only, no refunds.

If, for whatever reason, you change your mind and decide to cancel your Pre-Order, contact us immediately and we can cancel your Pre-Order and issue you store credit. Store credit can be redeemed for fabrics and notions through our online store or in-store at any time. Store credits are linked to customer accounts. Please ensure you have created an account with us before cancelling your Pre-Order. We are unable to offer refunds on Pre-Orders.


Why would a Pre-Order be shipped out later than listed?

To ensure we set reasonable expectations, all release dates are approximations in order to account for any manufacturer/distributor delays. We guarantee that as soon as Pre-Order fabrics are received in our store, we will get them out immediately. However, sometimes there may be factors beyond our control that delay the shipments getting to us (such as COVID-19, strikes, Acts of God, etc), but we will make sure to inform you if that is the case.