Dress Crepe 45" - Design 02, Pastel Florals, Brown (Winter 2022)

$6.00 CAD Canadian Currency /metre
($5.49 CAD/yard)
Dress Crepe 45
Dress Crepe 45
Dress Crepe 45

Minimum order quantity: 2m
Fabric is sold in ¼ metre increments cut continuously from the bolt.

Product Description.

These Dress Crepes are soft and flowy like silk but at a fraction of the price. They make amazing dresses, blouses, kimonos, skirts, as well as Punjabi Women's suits, kameez, and more. Because they're 100% Polyester, there's no need for pre-washing and wrinkles are never a concern. Wash and wear with confidence!

Width: 45" (115cm)
Content: 100% Polyester

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