Prym - Dressmaker's Wax, 10g

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Prym - Dressmaker's Wax, 10g
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Product Description.

The Prym dressmaker’s wax is available as a practical round plate in a two-piece transparent plastic box which has three slotted openings on both sides. Pulling the thread through this groove, it is coated with a fine layer of wax and thereby gains flexibility and stability. Thus, the thread slides smoothly through the material and is not frayed nor can it get knotted. But not only thread, but also zip fasteners or jammed drawers can be freed up with the universally applicable dressmaker’s wax.

  • Dressmaker’s wax for better thread sliding
  • Free up zip fasteners
  • Universally usable

Quantity: 1pc
Weight: 10g
Material: Wax
Detail Color: Yellow
Dimension: 55mm
Item Number: 611250

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