Prym - Spring Tape Measure, Jumbo, 300cm/120inch

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Prym - Spring Tape Measure, Jumbo, 300cm/120inch

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Product Description.
The Prym MINI and MAXI spring tape measures with a running length of 150 cm / 60 inches and the Jumbo with 300 cm/120 inches are both functional and handy. The tape measure is optionally metric scaled on both sides or on the front side in centimetres and on the back in inches. A retention mechanism holds the tape measure while working in the desired position. By pressing a button, a spring mechanism reels in the tape after measuring and brings it back neatly into the housing. The simple and practical handling makes this spring tape measure into a useful tool for sewing, tailoring and handicrafts.
  • Sleek design
  • White tape with scale in cm/inches
  • Easily and accurately readable


Product: Spring tape measure Jumbo
Content: 1 piece
Function: Patchwork & Quilting, Sewing
Material: Plastic
Detail Color: White
Dimensions: 300 cm/120 inch
Item Number: 282260

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