Pellon 806 - Stitch-N-Tear 20"

$5.52 CAD Canadian Currency /metre
($5.05 CAD/yard)
Pellon 806 - Stitch-N-Tear 20

Minimum order quantity: 1m
This product is sold in ¼ metre increments cut continuously from the roll.

Product Description.

Pellon® 806 Stitch-N-Tear® is a tear-away stabilizer backing for all types of decorative stitch-work including embroidery, appliqué, cut-work and monogramming. It is fast and easy-to-use, prevents fabric from puckering, and adds stability to the design area. Stitch-N-Tear® tears well in all directions.  For medium to heavyweight fabrics.

  • Non-Woven
  • White and Black
  • 70% Polyester / 30% Rayon
  • 20″ by-the-yard width
  • Tear-away embroidery stabilizer
  • Sewing machine safe

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