Pellon 100 - Vinyl Fuse, Gloss Finish 20"

$12.00 CAD Canadian Currency /metre
($10.98 CAD/yard)
Pellon 100 - Vinyl Fuse, Gloss Finish 20

Minimum order quantity: 1m
This product is sold in ¼ metre increments cut continuously from the roll.

Product Description.

Pellon® 100 Vinyl Fuse™ is an easy to use product that adds a clear protective gloss finish to fabrics. It features a removable paper-backing for easy measuring and a pressure sensitive side for easy application. Great for projects such as cosmetic bags, mats, bibs, and more!

  • Clear
  • Acid-Free 100% Vinyl
  • 20″ by-the-yard width
  • Clear protective gloss finish
  • Features a removable paper-backing
  • Sewing Machine Safe
  • Water repellent and UV rated
  • Hand wash in cold water or wipe with a damp cloth. Do not tumble dry or dry clean.
  • For a food safe laminate, use 875 Lamifix™

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