Clover - Fabric Folding Pen

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Clover - Fabric Folding Pen
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Product Description.

Fabric folding has never been easier with the help of our Fabric Folding Pen. Make fabric easier to fold. Marking solution included.

  • Simply add water with a mixture of 4 drops of the concentrated marking solution (included in the package) into pen, draw lines on fabric then fold.
  • No pressing required! Makes folding fabric for patchwork, origami quilting, sewing and other handcraft easier.
  • Where the line was drawn, fabric becomes pliable and easy to fold. Crease with fingertips.
  • Caution: Not suitable for impermeable fabrics such as polyester and for spot sensitive fabrics.

Pen: PE, PP, Polyester
Liquid: surface-active agent, water, other
Bottle: PP, PE
Brand: Clover
Item Number: 4053

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