JULY 22, 2020


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Contactless Pickup & Shipping Available

MAY 19, 2020
BC COVID-19 Re-Start Plan, Phase 2:

Hello friends, it's 945am on Tues, May 19th, and today British Columbia moves into "Phase 2" of re-opening the province during this COVID-19 pandemic.

We want to inform you that we will NOT BE RE-OPENING at this time.

Mom and I (and our team) have been agonizing over this for weeks. We miss all of you.... but sadly we will NOT be opening our doors in the month of May. We've looked over the guidelines that WorkSafeBC and the Province have laid out and we feel that there's just no reasonable & safe way for a tactile business like ours to re-open at this time that doesn't jeopardize the health and safety of our family, team, customers, and the community-at-large.

We considered the idea of opening our doors but restricting the # of people we let in, while having everyone else stand in line in order to achieve proper social distancing inside. But we decided that this would be severely inefficient, would let everyone down at the (necessary) slow service inside, which would ultimately be super frustrating for those standing outside, especially if it starts to rain.

We are also genuinely concerned about a potential 2nd wave (like Germany, etc), and with this weekend's news of a COVID-19 outbreak at our own Abbotsford Hospital, the risk couldn't be more obvious. This is not forever though. We will re-assess the situation weekly. HOPEFULLY we are proven wrong but #BetterSafeThanSorry

However, don't fret! Our ONLINE STORE ( has been making many of you very happy! If you haven't used it yet, we offer both Free CONTACTLESS Curbside Pickup (Mon-Fri 1130am-4pm) or Shipping anywhere in Canada! If you saw our posts last week, we are now working harder than ever to keep adding more of our products to our online store to serve you better. Stay tuned here for daily updates on what will be available!

We miss you all and we look forward to the day when we can welcome you back into our humble family fabric business when it is safe for both our staff and for you. Thank you for your patience, and for your continued support🙏🏽 We love you #WeMissYou #WereAllInThisTogether #HelpingTheHelpers

MARCH 2020

Overseas Fabrics is taking a number of actions to help control the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus). This includes practicing social distancing to help flatten the curve.

With these needs in mind and given our commitment to keeping our team, our customers, and our community safe, we have take the following steps:

  • temporarily closing our store down to all shoppers and visitors until further notice
  • launching our brand new Online Store 6 weeks earlier than planned so that customers can shop without having to leave the safety of their homes
  • allowing for customers to have their orders shipped directly to them via Canada Post only, who have been very vigilant in following the recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Canada since January
  • implementing a contactless storefront and curb-side pickup procedure for our local customers that maintains the recommended 2 metre social distance at all times, including taping off the area around our front door, wearing gloves, and using a cart so there is no direct contact between our customers and our team.
  • not accepting any in-store payments, whether it be card or cash, to minimize any contact. All payments taken are either over the phone or via online orders.
  • cleaning and disinfecting our store (even though no customers are allowed inside), especially our front till, credit card terminal, front door handles, etc.

Questions or concerns?

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