Playing with a smaller scale the Tiny Beast collection focuses on backyard animals and what they might be up to when we are not looking.

In “One Man’s Trash” tiny raccoons go searching for treasure in the garbage cans. There are so many little treasures to find in this print including soda cans, fish bones, banana peels, wish bones and one raccoon desperately clutching the greatest treasure of all... a half-eaten apple core. Yum!

In “Deer John” a flowering antlered, polka dotted Deer is camouflaged among the flora nibbling on grass and berries.

In “Bear With Me” a filigreed Honey Bear is poised under a dripping bee hive hoping to catch some of that liquid gold. He is surrounded by striped Honey Bees busily conjuring his favorite snack.

“Who’s Your Dandy” finds that some lovable hedgehogs have become a part of the landscape and transformed into living dandelions, their seeds blowing away in the windy field of wildflowers.

In “Oh Nuts!” some Technicolor squirrels are preparing for the coming winter and collecting as many striped acorns as they can gather.

In “Out foxed” several energetic foxes are leaping away in an effort to hide amongst the blooms and escape capture from their latest prank.

Finally, the “Painted Ladies” print is an ombred wash of color of layered polka dots.


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