Warm Company - Warm 100 Batting, 110" wide

$33.00 CAD Canadian Currency /metre
($30.20 CAD/yard)
Warm Company - Warm 100 Batting, 110
Product Description.

Warm 100 is One of Kind!

The Warm Company is dedicated to the manufacture of the most innovating quilt battings and fusible webs. Warm 100 is no exception. Warm 100 is the only batting in the world manufactured with 100% Natural Cotton needled into a 100% All Cotton Scrim! State of the art mechanical cleaning removes all seeds and plant remnants for super clean natural cotton needle-punched into an all new cotton scrim! The cotton scrim holds the fiber together for the softest, easiest to work with cotton batting you’ve ever experienced! The master of cotton quilt batting has done it again. Another first for quilters from The Warm Company!

Were the Earliest Quilters Scientists? The unexplainable comforting power of cotton quilts has been observed for centuries. Love sewn in every stitch is often credited for this phenomenon. While love is undoubtedly a factor, recent discoveries found natural cotton fiber releases low levels of H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide), well known as an antiseptic and disinfectant for viruses and bacteria. Is it coincidence that cotton fabric, thread and batting have been preferred and insisted on by quilters all this time? Or is it just another example of quilter’s ingenuity and resourcefulness?

The Benefits of 100% Cotton Scrim

  • 110” Width – Bigger Queen Size – 90” x 110” & Bigger Baby Size – 55” x 60”
  • Easy to Quilt by Hand & Machine
  • Breathable Cotton Warmth with Low Loft
  • No Prewash Necessary < 3% Shrinkage
  • Zero Glues or Resins – No Chemical Smell
  • Top & Backing Fabrics Cling While Quilting
  • Will Not Separate or Bunch
  • Will Not Beard – Shift or Migrate
  • Quilt or Tie Leaving Up To 10” Open
  • Once Quilted, Machine Wash Cold & Dry

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