Bryant Outdoor Fabric 54" - Gazebo Floral, Jubilee

$16.00 CAD Canadian Currency /metre
($14.64 CAD/yard)
Bryant Outdoor Fabric 54
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Product Description.

Contents: 100% Polyester
Weight: 6oz
Width: 54” 

Description: Screen printed on polyester, Bryant Outdoor Upholstery fabric holds up to 500 hours of direct sunlight exposure, is stain resistant, and is water resistant. Use to create patio cushions, chair pads, toss pillows, tabletops, and even tote bags. To maintain/extend the life of the fabric, please bring indoors when not in use and, if possible, store away for the winter.

Cleaning Instructions: Bryant Outdoor Upholstery fabric can easily be cleaned by wiping down or hand washing with warm water and a mild soap solution. Simply rinse with clear water to prevent dirt from embedding itself into the fabric.

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