Melton Wool 60" - Navy Blue

$28.00 CAD Canadian Currency /metre
($25.62 CAD/yard)

Due to COVID-19, there has been a disruption our supply chain. It is unknown when we will be able to restock this product. Please check back again later.

We kindly ask that you do not contact us asking when this product will be back in stock. We are unable to send restock notifications as this product is in high demand.

Product Description

Our 16oz (540gsm) Melton Wool is a 80% wool 20% rayon-viscose blend. Our Melton, like all Melton, is woven in a twill form, and is thick, which gives it a felt-like smooth surface. It is napped and very closely sheared. Because of its dense, quasi-felted texture it frays minimally or not at all.

Our Melton Wool is resilient and wind/weather resistant, which is why its main use is for heavy outer garments, blankets, coats, First Nations cultural applications (like button blankets, drum bags, and shawls) and historical re-enactment costumes, such as the medieval period.

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